The Pipeline & Energy Authority
The Murchison Law Firm provides the level of involvement that is best suited to the client's needs, and we shape our counsel to the client's particular circumstances. The Murchison Firm knows the Pipeline Safety Act and the pipeline safety regulations. From jurisdictional questions and reporting obligations to design, testing, O&M, OQ and CP, we have deep experience in regulatory history and the original intent of the regulations. We monitor regulatory developments from multiple angles, and we frequently comment on regulatory proposals through industry forums. That history and devotion to the leading edge places us among the most experienced firms advising clients on regulatory interpretations, compliance obligations, and jurisdictional analyses. We also advise clients under related environmental regulations applicable to project development, permitting, operations, and remedial obligations.

Murchison Law Firm advises clients in every aspect and at all stages of project development. We assist with permitting, authorizations, state and local requirements, NEPA analysis, right-of-way acquisition and management, construction contracting, and agency liaison. We have managed matters involving USACE permitting, EPA regulations, the Endangered Species Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, and state and local corollaries. We've advised regarding system construction, expansion and connection, including construction contracting, materials and equipment acquisition, project authorization, land and right-of-way acquisition, environmental protection, contractor management, and dispute resolution.

Murchison Law Firm is experienced in enforcement procedure and administrative process, pleadings, hearing, and informal resolutions. We've contested agency findings and reached unprecedented voluntary resolutions, along with appeals of agency findings and penalties. Our deep knowledge of the Pipeline Safety Regulations and agency processes places us in a position of strength and familiarity in representing and defending your interests. We shape our advice and level of participation based upon the qualities of the violation, agency preparation of its case, the implications of compliance to operations, potential effects to industry, and the magnitude of the penalties and compliance obligations.

Transactional experience at Murchison Law ranges from structuring, entity and asset preparation, documentation, due diligence, and execution. We've advised clients on system acquisition and due diligence, system divestiture, formation of entities, and financing.

Day-to-day advice rendered over the years has given us thorough grounding in the day-to-day operating environment. Our technical experience rivals that of any member of the Bar. We understand maintenance and integrity management processes from the operator's perspective, including activities such as ROW management, risk management, maintenance practices, CP, integrity management, hydraulics, pigging, cleaning, commissioning, shut-in and more. We've advised clients on all such matters and more.

We also know our operational contacting manners, having drafted connection agreements, operating agreements, sharing agreements, transportation agreements, terminalling agreements, MSAs, T&Ds, ROW documents, and more.

Murchison Law Firm handles environmental matters relating to construction and operations, from permits and authorizations to NEPA analyses, from permit compliance to seeking exceptions, or from release incidents to managing historical contamination. We know how to address such matters before regulatory agencies.

Vince Murchison also serves the pipeline industry at the national level. Vince is an original member of the API/AOPL Performance Excellence Team, a position from which he has informed many aspects of group's proceedings and initiatives. He also has aided the 2012 Leadership Initiatives, and the 2012 AOPL PSA Reauthorization Team. Vince makes frequent appearances at industry conferences and symposiums, along with presentations before other organizations interested in pipeline development and pipeline safety.

The Murchison Firm is experienced in addressing and resolving disputes, including alternative resolution of various matters relating to the pipeline transportation and storage industries, including issues surrounding NEPA, rights-of-way, eminent domain, contracts, damage claims, and federal preemption.

Murchison Law Firm, PLLC represents pipeline clients in all aspects of their business, offering clients an unparalleled understanding of the pipeline industry in the areas of regulatory compliance, project development, operations, risk management, integrity management, maintenance, and regulatory compliance, involving urgent needs that arise unexpectedly.

Vince Murchison's 18 years of representing industry places him among the most experienced pipeline lawyers in practice.